Russia and OPEC agreement will raise oil prices! And Iran sign 3 agreements for the development of oil and gas

Ministry of petroleum of Iran : "shell" going to sign three agreement to developing oil and gas field in the country . an official at the ministry of petroleum of Iran said that " Royal Dutch Shell " going to sign three initial agreements today Wednesday to develop petrol and gas fields in the country .

 the Iranian official added that "Shell" will sign the agreements in Tehran to develop the both of two fields the southern azadigan and yadafaran , and develop gas field kish . the official has said that TOTAL company start negotiating for new petrol and gas projects in Iran but it doesn't sign any agreements today.

 The Wall Street Journal has said in prior period time that " Royal Dutch Shell " and "TOTAL" are going to sign initial agreements today with Iran , but the both of two companies reluctant to give a comment .

Oil prices fell with the rise in production in all major areas of export crude almost, though OPEC and Russia plans to cut production, sparking fears that a glut of fuel that has dogged the market for two years through 2017 will continue.

It fell WTI US mediator to $ 51.47 a barrel, down 32 cents, or about 0.6%.
And record oil production of OPEC a record new high in November, rising to 34.19 million bpd from 33.82 million bpd in October, according to a survey based on shipping data and information from sources sector.
Russia has announced that the average daily output of oil amounted to 11.21 million barrels a day in November to its highest level in nearly 30 years.
This means that Russia and OPEC production alone meets about half of global oil demand, which currently stands at more than 95 million barrels a day.
This news comes days from OPEC and Russia reached a historic agreement to cut production in 2017 - which was an increase of more than 10% in the Price-after in an effort to eliminate the oversupply dogging the market since more than two years.
In another sign that the battle for market shares is not over, especially in Asia, it is the largest consuming region in the world for raw lowered Saudi Aramco oil giant selling its crude price of Arab Light to Asian customers in January shipments by $ 1.20 per barrel than December.